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Having been sent an alerted, you can now ineract with the mannequin via the Iconeme app. You can discover what all the Mannequins in the windows or within the store are




Walking past a Store Window,

you see a Mannequin wearing an amazing outfit, you’re in a hurry and there is no time to stop and browse.

Your Smartphone alerts you to the fact that a VMBeacon is present and there are mannequin that you can interact with. Go to the app and see the mannequin on your phone. You can now browse or save the look, share with a friend or if you really love it purchase it directly from the retailers website.

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How does the VMBeacon work?



 See detailed photos

of the garments.



Purchase the Item directly from

 the retailers Website.

 Share the item with a friend.


 See how that look is made up,

and explore the apparel in

greater detail.

You now have the option to:



The Iconeme app will also send

 you relevant offers and news.



Save the look for a later Day!



Find where an item is in store.

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